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Product variety

Sewing machine needles from Groz-Beckert come in many different types. Generally, they can be classified based on their sewing application, such as:

•  Chainstitch needles (UY 121, UY 128, B 63, 149×5, 149×7)

•  Lockstitch needles (DBx1, 134, 134-35, 135×17, 1738)

•  Embroidery machine needles (DBxK5, 287 WKH)

•   Overlock needles (B 27, UY 154)

•   Blind stitch needles (29 BL, 251, 1669 E EO)



Sewing machine needles for the clothing industry

Mark Middle East LLC offers the appropriate sewing machine needle for every seam. Whether for standard applications or for special requirements, proven quality and innovative solutions will make your item of clothing perfect.

sewing solution

Sewing machine needles for leather and technical textiles

The special requirements of this sector, such as the sewing of special materials or material combinations, also place high demands on production. Sewing machine needles from Mark Middle East LLC provide many benefits when working with leather and technical textiles. Different cutting and cloth points, special application needles tailored to need, and innovative manufacturing methods lead to high reliability and flawless sewing results.


Machine needles for embroidery

Needles from Mark Middle East LLC deliver immaculate results even at very high embroidery speeds and when using different materials and yarns.


Machine needles and awls for shoe making

About 150 different needles and awls for the manufacture of shoe bottoms and soles. As opposed to conventional sewing machine needles, needles for stitching shoe soles generally do not have an eye, but a hook. It can better pull the thread through the hole previously made with an awl. But there are also needles which perform both functions simultaneously.