195-01 Single, twin, or three needle chainstitch flat bed sewing machines for medium -heavy-duty applications.

Fast and flexible with double-chain stitch

The machine class 195 from Dürkopp Adler is the basic machine for medium heavy-duty double-chainstitch applications. The machine offers a maximum of versatility in applications. The machine could be equipped with a thread trimmer, and edge trimmer and is available as a 1-, 2- and 3- needle version. The machine classes 550-12-33/-34 are special workstation for ruffling applications. This workstation offer the perfect solution, bringing home and car upholstery into shape. The workplace is also available with an edge trimmer.Excellent feeding features, and a safe and constantly tight stitch formation – this is guaranteed by the matured technique of the double chainstitch machines of the 195-01 series. Thus, these machines meet the requirements for using chainstitch technology for medium-weight applications. Preparatory operations when manufacturing automotive interiors, home upholstery, and technical textiles belong to the sewing processes that can be executed on these machines efficiently. The optimized sewing kinematics, the differentiable bottom and top feed with alternating sewing feet, as well as the version as a single, twin, or three-needle machine or as a trimming machine, guarantee maximum versatility. Apart from the high ease of use and service, the machines are especially characterized by their superb performance parameters and their flexibility.


  • Safe stitch formation due to automatic adaption of the looper thread supply to the stitch length
  • Smooth sewing results without material shifting even in critical materials through independent adjustment of top and bottom feed
  • Firm stitch tightening during corner sewing due to closed thread tension during intermediate sewing feet lift
  • High material throughput due to high sewing speed and long stitch length
  • Reduction of handling times by means of thread trimmer (only 195-171521-01), automatic stitch condensing, and sewing foot lift

Single needle version:

  • Joining and topstitching seams with or without fullness
  • Distortion-free binding

Twin or three-needle version (optional mounting kits for 195-171120-01)

  • Joining seams with or without fullness, e.g. on airbags Edge trimmer version (195-671120-01):
  • Simultaneous sewing and trimming
  • Precise, neat trimming for trouble-free further processing of bulky filling material due to solid edge trimmer


Performance features:

  • stitch length 8 mm
  • sewing speed 4,000 / 3,500 stitches/min.


Especially in the field of airbag production, technical textiles, or decorative seams with and without fullness, the 195-171120-01 shows its strengths as a single, twin or three-needle version. Reliable stitch formation due to optimized sewing kinematics ensures a high seam quality even with large sewing thread thicknesses. The alternating, differentiating transport system ensures smooth, displacement-free sewing results, even with difficult-to-feed materials.


Shorter handling times due to thread trimmer, automatic stitch condensation, and automatic sewing foot lift enable increased performance and high sewing speeds. The trouble-free material feed due to the powerful, alternating feed system with high top feed stroke allows the processing of an extended material spectrum.


Equipped with a robust edge trimmer with high knife stroke, this special machine allows problem-free and exact trimming of all fillers customary in the industry. The unhindered handling of voluminous material and the cutting waste is achieved by the high sewing foot lift and the large clearance under the sewing arm. A trouble-free transport of voluminous and/or multi-layer material is guaranteed due to the powerful, alternating, and differentiating transport system.


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