TERABOND 20 600M COL 000


Gutermann THREAD

Fiber Type : The High Tenacity Continuous Filament 100% Polyester.
Application : Car Seat Manufacturing
Full Description : Gütermann Tera is tailored to the needs of tear- and rub-resistant seams. The optimal elasticity of the sewing thread ensures a beautiful and even seam. Tera is ideal for durable retaining, closing and decorative seams.
• Sizes Available:


• tear- and rub-resistant
• for durable and hard-wearing seams
• maximum sewing security
• doesn’t cause malfunctions (even when using fine needles)
• no tearing of the stitch holes
• thermally resilient thanks to heat-repellent preparation
• pearly appearance for decorative seams

MATERIAL / RAW MATERIAL 100 % polyester THREAD CONSTRUCTION continuous filament



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