Awning Valance Cutting Machine


Awning Valance Cutting Machine

The SM-355-TA was specifically designed for the continuous production of awning valances. With its highly efficient oscillating knife, this machine cuts a wide range of materials such as acrylic, polyester, and PVC-coated fabrics quickly and with great precision. The SM-355-TA is an affordable investment for start-ups and small and medium-sized companies, but its excellent performance makes it a great solution for the production requirements of large corporations too.


The Easy Valance Maker software, specifically developed for this machine, offers a wide selection of preset valance patterns and multiple production parameters that ensure the creation of the perfect valance. The setting of the parameters, such as the shape of the waves, the width and the height of each section, and the length of the valance, is very simple. With Easy Valance Maker, it is extremely easy to set up the machine for high-quality cuts.


Awning valances

Installable tools and accessories

  • Oscillating knife
  • Vacuum turbine for total fabric control
  • Linear laser pointer to determine the zero point


Easy Valance Maker


Technical specifications and configurations

Usable cutting area: 0,35 x 1,2 m for infinite cutting lengths


  • Specifically designed for the efficient production of awning valances
  • Competitive price
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Small footprint
  • Industrial conveyor belt
  • Top quality parts
  • Simple to program, easy to operate
  • Automatic and continuous cutting cycles, exceptional productivity
  • Limited operational costs, very low maintenance costs


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