Coiling Embroidery Machine


CBL offers a full range of coiling embroidery machines to meet different types of special requests.

coiling embroidery

Technical Features

  • Tension Base : Intelligent thread break detect
  • Flat Embroidery Main Shaft Motor : 2KW servo motor x 1 pc
  • Upper thread holding device : locked thread device(For option)
  • Coiling Embroidery Z-axis : 1,5KW servo motor x1 pcs
  • Control System : Dahao 8’’LCD screen computer
  • Coiling Embroidery Speed : 250-850 rpm
  • X、Y axis motor : Servo motor x2 pcs
  • Design input : By U Disk or Lan or WIFI connection
  • X、Y driving : Reinforced high speed liner guide rail
  • Design format : Compatible with designs of T ajima (DST),DSB,DARUDA, ZSK,binary system,temary system
  • Input voltage : Three phase 380v(50/60HZ),Single phase 220v(50/60HZ)
  • Stitch Length : 0.1mm-12.7mm
  • Power consumption : 1.5KW-5KW
  • Coiling Device : Focus double material Coiling rope embroidery device


Control Panel Features:

  • Dahao A58 10” HD True Color Touch Panel
  • Memory capacity: 100 million stitches or 500 designs
  • Maximum design stitches: 2,000,000 stitches
  • Intelligent and sensitive TB Detection: Type3-Magnetic encoder
  • Stepping motor color change
  • Frame Function: Servo Drive
  • Lock-stitch looping available
  • Laser embroidery available
  • Beed embroidery available
  • Thermal cutting available
  • New Encryption available
  • Coiling embroidery available
  • Cording embroidery available
  • Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish,  French, Russian, Arabic


ModelFlat HeadFlat  needle


Coiling needleEmbroidery area( mm)LengthWidthHeight


coiling embroidery machine


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