Coverlock Sewing Machine– SEAM AUTOMATIC MOTION

No more fraying with modern textile prints materials!

Coverlock Sewing Machine, Created to enable automatic sewing.

With the new SYNCHROMATIC SAM, we present the new machine generation
for autonomous sewing. Now on chainstitch machines like Coverlock.

  • Simply place the material to be sewn on the tape.
  • Easy to insert into the sewing tool, e.g., to sew KEDER.
  • Start the kick pedal – unique only to Impulsa.
  • SAM guides the material and begins continuous stitching.

Modern materials tend to fray with conventional KEDER processing. With the new
SYNCHROMATIC COVERLOCK SAM we have solved this problem once and for all.
We present: The new Coverlock SAM machine generation sews autonomously right up to the thread trimming at
the end of the material.
The sewn-in piping is enclosed with the unique Coverlock zigzag seam.
The result: a neatly integrated KEDER so that your print can be effortlessly integrated into the frame.

Why Coverlock?

Advantage 1:
If you sew with a chain stitch instead of a lockstitch, you
know that you can sew almost endlessly without having
to change the bobbins. The Coverlock technique is
unbeatable when it comes to sewing KEDER, but it can
only be used to attach KEDERs and connect panels. The
sewing of hems, rubber or ribbon edgings, as they are often
required in the production of flags, etc., is only possible with
conventional lockstitch machines.
Advantage 2:
The special Coverlock technique makes it possible to sew
the KEDER precisely and with a perfect finish to the edge
of the fabric.
Advantage 3:
Some fabrics often fray at the edges when cut, which can
make it difficult to insert the finished product into the
aluminum frame profile. With Coverlock technology, a
clean finish is achieved, and this production problem is
100 % eliminated.




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