Postbed Sewing Machine

Direct Drive, Single Needle, Needle Feed & Top / Bottom Roller Feed, Postbed Sewing Machine (With automatic undertrimming & backtacking & roller presser lifting)(Large hook)(Backtacking with power driven roller presser).

Equipped with a direct drive Servo motor to drive the main-shaft directly, reduced friction loss and improved energy efficiency. Equipped with backtacking with power driven roller presser, the reverse stitch is stitch in stitch “no mismatch”. The new design of low-noise backtacking devices can improve the efficiency of sewing. Applied with a 1.6 times capacity large hook, it could reduce the frequency of replacing the bobbin and improve the sewing efficiency.

Product Feature


  • Applied with thread trimmer for short thread end, the moveable knife, fix cutter and clamping thread spring all are adjustable.
  • Extended needle bar stroke, it could be adapted to various specifications of thread (#80/3~#15/3 nylon thread).
  • The hand wheel at the level of the middle shaft, operators can turn it easily.
  • Equipped magnet sticking type LED lamp, operators can easily adjust the lighting position.
  • Machine head equipped with multifunctional button1.Backtacking 2. Correction stitch (half stitch operation) 3. Safety switch.
  • For sewing functional and ornamental seams preferably on concave portions of shoe uppers ,leather products, cylinder workpiece, etc.


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