CSU-1246 Double Needle, Unison Feed, Flatbed Industrial Sewing Machine. (Large hook)​


Twin Needle Industrial Sewing Machine, Unison Feed, Flatbed (Large hook)​

This machine is equipped with walking foot, needle feed and feed dog, all of which act completely in unison feed. Consequently, the upper or lower sewing material did not slip and also this machine can sew accurately and easily several sheets of heavy materials piled up together.

  • Standard needle gauge:6.4mm.
  • Automatic lubrication system, smooth and quiet running, easy maintenance.
  • Large hook to assure high efficiency, perfect stitches.
  • This machine is best suitable for sewing tents, seats, cushions, bags, luggages, leather products, interior furnishings of automobiles, etc..
  • High traction due to unison feed, even feed motion without any ply-shift of individual layers.
  • Large vertical rotary hook with 60% more capacity than other standard-sized hooks, automatic hook lubrication.
  • The high top feed lift (7.0mm) allows trouble-free sewing of thick materials and an easy sewing over cross seams.
  • Easy loading and unloading (even bulky material) due to high fabic clearance of 14.0mm.

Max. Sewing Speed                                                                                                       2800

Max. Stitch Length                                                                                                           8

Needle Bar Stroke                                                                                                           36

Needle System                                                                                                        DP×17 #22(#19~#23)


Lifting Of Presser Foot (knee)                                                                                     14




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