Cuff Button Holing and Button Attaching Machine


Cuff Button Holing and Button Attaching Machine

The machine called MA17 is a fully automated unit that can attach buttons and sew buttonholes at the same time.
Its special system can load and positioned on the working plate cuffs from different sizes that will be read by sensors in order for the system to position the sewing head for the requested size. Once aligned, the machine makes a buttonhole on one side and one or two buttons on the other side. No position marks are required anymore, saving another step in the process.
After the operation, the cuff is automatically brought to the stacker, making this machine 100% automatic and flexible as the production won’t be restricted to just one size or one style.
The MA17 provides a way to have more than one operation done without any operator and without any style restrictions.


Technical features
Production 1000 shirts/8hrs
Electrical Supply 220V + 50Hz
Electrical Power 1.5 Kw
Pneumatic Supply 6 Bar
Air Consumption 1 nl/min
Packaging: 200x150x197h cm
Weight: 410 Kg


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