M-TYPE – The most innovative and future-oriented platform in the medium-heavy application range With the fully digitalized and energy-efficient M-TYPE DELTA e-con platform Dürkopp Adler sets the highest standards in the medium-heavy application range. The sophisticated sewing kinematics in combination with the programmable setting elements ensure perfect and reproducible sewing results – even in particularly demanding materials. At the same time, the DELTA e-con actively supports the sewing process and makes the production processes much better, faster and more effective. The modular control concept and flexible interfaces further enable easy connection to Industry 4.0 and Poka Yoke applications and make the DELTA e-con the most sophisticated and advanced sewing system in the industry.

M-TYPE DELTA e-con – the platform of the future

  • Sustainable production due to 25% lower power consumption versus comparable competitor machines* at highest performance and additional energy savings due to automatic shutdown of drives and lights when the machine is not in use
  • Extremely short changeover time to new work tasks due to automatic and individual adjustment of the machine to the user and the next work step
  • Guided sewing by the operator for maximum quality of the sewing result and avoidance of rejects
  • Increasing the benefits of the machine over time due to new software apps and flexible and quickly expandable hardware
  • Significant reduction of machine downtimes as a result of active maintenance and repair support for the technician
  • Immediately ready for use in a QONDAC machine network – connect and manage your machines

Your specific advantages of the M-TYPE DELTA e-con D867:

  • M-TYPE DELTA e-con with programmable setting elements for reproducible sewing results
  • 9 subclasses (single and twin needle versions) each also as longarm versions with a clearance of 700 or 1,000 mm with application-specific hook sizes (XL or XXL) and thread trimming systems (standard thread trimmer, short thread trimmer or long thread trimmer)
  • Automatic energy saving mode
  • Integrated sewing drive with network capable “DAC flex control” incl. operating panel Commander Delta ensures optimum functionality and maximum ease of use for “Industry 4.0 applications”
  • Machine-specific software with intuitive user interface for convenient administration of sewing parameters
  • 999 storage locations for machine settings (setup) or complex seam programs with 30 seams or sections max
  • Graphical visualization of the process progress within the seam programs
  • Programmable setting elements for stitch length adjustment, sewing foot stroke, sewing foot pressure and sewing foot lifting height and needle thread tension by means of integrated stepper motor
  • Integrated material thickness detection (MTD) for optimization of sewing parameters during the sewing process
  • Optimized working area due to enlarged clearance of 350 / 700 / 1,000 mm x 128 mm
  • Enlarged bobbin capacity due to XL hook (Ø 28 mm) and XXL hook (Ø 32mm)
  • Reproducible handling due to electronically driven, programmable edge guides (optional)
  • Perfect quality thanks to optional function “Neat Seam Beginning” (NSB)
  • Prevention of rejects by optional function “Skip Stitch Detection” (SSD)
  • Easy and precise needle positioning due to electronical handwheel (scroll wheel)
  • Improved sewing results due to new sewing kinematics, especially for thinner sewing materials
  • No compressed air required (except the use of additional equipment like needle cooling or remaining thread monitor)


Automatic Material Thickness Detection (MTD)

All subclasses of the D867 are equipped as standard with a device for measuring the material thickness underneath the sewing feet. With this measured value, essential sewing parameters such as thread tension, stitch length, sewing foot stroke, sewing foot pressure and sewing speed can be actively influenced during the sewing process in order to optimally adapt the sewing result to the requirements. The results are impressive:

  • No stitch length shortening with increasing material thickness during the sewing process
  • Optimum adjustment of the needle thread tension while simultaneously reducing the sewing speed and increasing the sewing foot stroke when overstitching cross seams
  • Optimization of sewing foot pressure and sewing speed for each Application

Examples of the excellent equipment features:

  • The optimised thread tension concept (controlled by a stepper motor)
  • Improved climbing behaviour
  • Adaptation of the sewing kinematics for a wide variety of materials
  • “Electronic handwheel”
  • Motor driven bobbin winder
  • Integrated keypad with with two favourite keys
  • Optional thread nipper
  • Integrated dimmable LED-underarm- and sewing light enables optimum illumination of the whole sewing area


Program control with operating panel “Commander Delta”

In order to exploit the enormous potential of an M-TYPE DELTA e-con for specific applications, intuitive operation is essential. The new “Commander” operating panel was designed precisely for this requirement.The modern user interface of the 7” touch-screen operating panel, with freely positionable functional tiles, enables a customer-specific adjustment of the main screen in manual mode as well as in automatic mode. In addition to a powerful programming tool, the “Commander Delta” has an extensive authorization management system for registered operators. Displaying PDF files such as work plans or operating instructions, playing video sequences (tutorials) as well as a “Maintenance Management System” are further strengths of “Commander Delta”.

Custom Main Displays

The main screens of both sewing modes can be configured to customer specifications. By simply adding or removing tiles, the range of functions is adapted to individual requirements.

Parameter settings (eg. thread trimmer)

All parameters can be conveniently adjusted on the screen. Meaningful pictograms of all functions significantly facilitate the identification of the required parameters.

Digitization and Networking

Increase productivity

  • Configure your machines automatically by means of workstep-specific sewing programs
  • Motivate your employees by displaying target /cycle times as well as performance, quality and availability targets directly at the workplace
  • Recognize bottlenecks immediately Increase availability
  • Reduce machine downtime through faster troubleshooting
  • Significantly reduce setup times by distributing settings from one machine to another
  • Reduction of service times through centrally provided machine updates
  • Overview of real-time machine status of your production

Improve quality

  • Guide your operators by providing workstations and individual tips/media directly at the workstation
  • Prevent unwanted changes in sewing parameters
  • Ensure that the sewing parameters in your production facilities are in accordance with the predefined settings from your product development

Available Software modules:

  • QONDAC Machine Control – offers functions for recording and displaying machine data such as status, capacity utilization, seam data, parts produced and production errors.
  • QONDAC Guided Working – offers functions for job planning and control. Detailed Information is shown to the machine operator about the order, the production progress and the work steps, in text form and as different media.
  • QONDAC Service Call – contains functions that enable machine operators to inform responsible staff about problems or malfunctions of any kind.
  • QONDAC API – collected data can also be passed on to ERP or MES system software, e.g. for self-created dashboards.


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