Digital Lockstitch Sewing Machine


Introducing the Duma 1968Pro Digital Lockstitch Sewing Machine, a cutting-edge device designed for precision and efficiency in every stitch. Equipped with a spacious 7-inch WIFI LCD screen, this sewing machine offers a user-friendly interface for seamless operation. Its step-by-step drive ensures smooth feeding, thread trimming, and presser foot lifting, all while maintaining a minimal 0.1mm stitch length adjustment with silent thread trimming. The synchronous belt transmission guarantees fast speed, low noise, and minimal vibration. Featuring an oil-free thread take-up lever and a DLE-plated needle bar surface, this machine prioritizes cleanliness and precision. The DLC Needle bar incorporates a double round knife trimmer system that reduces thread workload to ≤ 3mm after trimming, enhancing overall efficiency. With electronic feed capabilities suitable for various fabrics, coupled with a step motor for precise control over the trimmer system and presser foot, this sewing machine delivers stable trimming and quiet operation. From thin to thick fabrics, the electronic feed ensures a beautiful and consistent stitch on every material. Upgrade your sewing experience with the Duma 1968Pro, where innovation meets craftsmanship.

Digital Lockstitch Sewing Machine head


  • Duma 1968Pro Digital Lockstitch Sewing Machine Equipped with a 7-inch WIFI LCD screen, the operation space is large and easy to operate.
  • It adopts a step-by-step drive for feeding, thread trimming, and presser foot lifting.
  • The minimum stitch length adjustment is 0.1mm. There is no sound during thread trimming.
  • Synchronous belt transmission, fast speed, low sound, low vibration, and other advantages.
  • The oil-free thread take-up lever, the needle bar surface is plated with DLE,
  • and The sealed oil box avoids the contamination of the sewing material caused by oil stains.
  • Short trimmer: The double round knife trimmer system can realize the thread ≤ 3mm after trimming, it can effectively reduce the workload.
  • Electronic feed, suit for various fabrics, and the stitch is beautiful
  • The step motor can both control the trimmer system and presser foot, to make the stable trimmer and quiet presser foot.
  • Electronic feed, thin/thick all fabrics are suited!


Ready to elevate your sewing experience? Order the Duma 1968Pro Digital Lockstitch Sewing Machine now for unparalleled precision and innovation. Contact us at to make this cutting-edge sewing companion yours today. Upgrade your craft with the best – Duma 1968Pro.


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