DS Tech Rhinestone Setting Machine


Rhinestone setting Machine

DS Tech Rhinestone Setting Machine:

The computerized Ds tech rhinestone setting machine is designed to help you give your project a customized, high-end look, improving your work efficiency. Developed with the advantage, leading-edge technology that Ds Teach is known for, it is truly an incredible innovation in Rhinestone setting machines giving designers a whole new world of possibilities to make their own unique. It of a kind creation with a convenient and simple system.


  • Automatic machine to make Rhinestone transfer motifs.
  • Easy-to-Load Stone Feeder System.
  • Extra-high setting speed of Max .600 stones? Minute gives you professional speed for faster results.
  • User-friendly LCD touchscreen showing the setting process.
  • Simple and easy operation
  • No air compressor is required
  • Available stone Feeder type: MC & Rhinestone Feeder, Stud Feeder

Common Product Specifications:

Speed Max.600 stones/minute
Power Single phase AC220V 50/60Hz 500W .110-120 v Ac(if required)
Monitor 13.3 inch LCD Touch Screen
USB Device USB 3.0
SD Memory 64 GB Micro SD (60 GB data Memory+4GB system)
Ethernet 1000 Mbps (Remote Support)
Capacity Stone Sizes: SS6 -SS20 (2mm -5mm)/Max.6 Colors in one design
Standard Accessories Feeder stand, Maintenance tools, Stone Feeder, Design Software
Optional Accessories Extra Stone feeders


LCD Touch Screen:

Provides various functions and information such as design storage, editing, work stats, and machine inspection. Ds-teach offers a variety of helpful customer support and videos including the following topics: Operating the machine Maintenance, software training etc.

Ds-400-6C (6-color Automatic Rhinestone setting Machine)

Detachable  6 color and size stone feeders per machine. Increase productivity by automatic docking stone feeders in sequence.

Safety LED tower lamp / Error code massage/ Emergency Stop Switch
Product Dimensions 1100 * 900 *1160 mm (H)
Item Weight 230kg/507lbs
Working Area 400*400 mm / 16*16
Standard Accessories 6 Stone Feeders


6 Stone Feeders Automatic Color Change:

(6 color Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machine)

Stone Feeder:

The DS-400-6C has easy-to-use and versatile Stone feeders which have the unique ability to set various sizes of Rhinestones, MC stones, and Studs from size SS6 ~ SS20 (2mm~ 5mm). One-touch-Set Stone Feeder System is the biggest timesaver, and Extra-high speed allows you to bring your creative ideas to life quickly.


  • High-quality design with closely spaced stones (minimum 0.3mm)
  • Easy Stone feeder Preparation. For ease of changing stones,
  • it offers a convenient and simple system, that prepares the Stone feeder quickly.
  • Quick-Set stone feeder system
  • East maintenance with one-touch nozzle
  • Feature-rich functionality and reliability

Range of Stone Feeders

  • Rhinestone /MC stone /Stud
  • Size :SS6 -SS20( 2mm – 5 mm)

Standard Stone Feeder Size

Size SS6 SS10 SS16 SS20
2mm 3mm 3mm 4mm 5mm
MC stone and Rhinestone STONE SS6 STONE SS10 STONE SS16 STONE SS 20
STUD STUD 2mm STUD 3mm STUD 4mm STUD 5mm

Special Stone Feeder Size

SS12 SS8 SS4 Size
3.5mm 2.5 mm 1.5 mm Type
STONE SS123 STONE SS8 STONE SS4 Mc stone and Rhinestone


Design Software

HOTFIX ERA design creation & editing software accompanies the unit and supports it. all vector images from Corel & Adobe – The software allows you to create your own designs and text easily with tools and built-in or import fonts from your PC. Even beginners can bring their work to the next level quickly and effortlessly.

All supported files

  1. Raster format
  • BMP – Windows Bitmap JPG JPEG Bitmap
  • PCX Paint Brush
  • GIF GIF Bitmap


  • TGA Targa Bitmaps CLP Clipboard Format Portable Network Graphics
  1. Vector format
  • WMF- Windows Metafile EMFF- Windows Enhanced Metafile CDR – CorelDraw CMX – Drawing Exchange Format SVG – Files
  • PLT Vector Plotter files
  1. Others: Scanner Capture, Al illustrator


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