DUMA 1968 NF Smart Needle Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine


Double Step Smart Needle Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

The DUMA 1968 Double Step Smart Needle Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine! Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this cutting-edge machine boasts a range of impressive features. With its large touch panel, you can easily navigate through various settings and options. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional motors as this machine utilizes a no-bearing servo motor for smooth and reliable operation. The sealed oil tank ensures optimal lubrication, and thanks to the low oil alarm system, you’ll never have to worry about running out unexpectedly. Experience enhanced precision with the built-in material thickness sensor and electronic foot pedal, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your stitching to different fabrics. Bid farewell to frustrating thread tangles with the small bird nest and minimal remaining thread. Equipped with two-step motors, this machine gives you complete control over feeding, trimming, and foot lifting functions. Enjoy the perfect balance of stability and tranquility, as this machine operates with exceptional stability and emits minimal noise. Upgrade to the DUMA 1968 Double Step Smart Needle Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine today for a seamless sewing experience like never before.

The machine adopt connecting rod control feeding system, the needle feeding method make the feeding system
more stable, during multi-sewing the fabric not easy to moving. The main shaft is directly used as the motor shaft, no need to use a coupling to connect, the main shaft has good rigidity, light
torque, and the motor runs lightly.

Stepper motor bidirectional control:
Stepping motor controls presser foot lifting and thread trimming (patented technology): convenient for presser forthright
adjustment, presser foot lifting and lowering noiseless, no noise for thread trimming

Special stitch pattern:
Controlled by step motor system, 1968NF machine it can design 9 types stitch patterns. Small error between the actual stitch length.

The unique thread trimmer device:
Stepping motor controls the stitch length and reverse stitching: precise stitch length, no noise in reverse stitching; The front and back
dense sewing function effectively shortens the length of the thread left on the sewing material and prevents the thread from loosening.
Adopt step motor to drive, stable ,light noise and convenience on maintenance.

Electronic thread tension device:
Compare with mechanical wire, it’s more stable.


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