Duma1968X Stepping three-drive lockstitch sewing machine


Duma1968X Stepping three-drive lockstitch sewing machine


A stepping motor controls the stitch length, thread trimming and presser
foot lifting functions to achieve subversive innovation.
Controlled by step motor system, 1968X machine it can design 9 types stitch patterns. Small error between the actual stitch length with setting length, easy to realized high-quality back tacking.
Adopt step motor to drive, stable ,light noise and convenience on maintenance.

one drive three” (patented technology):

start-end reverse sewing seam stitch function:

Special stitch pattern:

The unique thread trimmer device:

One of the standout features of the Duma 1968 is its “One Drive Three” patented technology, which combines multiple functions into a single motor-driven mechanism.

The stepping motor embedded in the machine controls various functions such as stitch length adjustment, thread trimming, and presser foot lifting. This subversive innovation allows for precise control over stitch length, ensuring consistent and professional-looking seams. The start-end reverse sewing seam stitch function adds an extra layer of security by locking the stitch at the beginning and end of each seam, effectively preventing thread unraveling.

What sets the Duma 1968 apart is its special stitch patterns. With the unique thread trimmer device, users can effortlessly achieve intricate and eye-catching designs. Whether it’s decorative stitches, embroidery motifs, or complex patterns, this sewing machine delivers exceptional results. The thread trimmer eliminates the need for manual thread cutting, streamlining the sewing process and saving valuable time.

Electronic thread tension :device Compare with mechanical wire, it’s more steable.

Electronic knee control : lt easy to lift the presser foot and no nead change worker’s sewing habit.

Sealed oil tank : it can avoid cloth dirty from oil, meantime to reduce noise during working.


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