E.M.S. 120 – fusing machine


Elevate your fusing and sublimation projects with the EMS 120, a versatile and efficient machine designed for precision and reliability. Whether you’re fusing jacket parts, sportswear, creating transfers, or diving into sublimation, this machine is your essential companion. With its advanced control unit, efficient heating system, and magnetic pressure technology, the EMS 120 delivers professional-grade results without compromise. Say goodbye to the need for compressed air and experience hassle-free operation with this compact and powerful fusing solution. Explore the features and capabilities of the EMS 120 and take your projects to new heights of quality and professionalism.

Control Unit for Perfect Results Achieve optimal fusing with the EMS 120’s comprehensive control panel:

  • Set/Actual temperature control
  • On/Off button for convenience
  • Clear Pressure indicator
  • Precise Pressure regulator
  • Adjustable Fusing time in seconds
  • Double safety starting button for peace of mind

Efficient Heating System The EMS 120 Series features a durable aluminium heating plate, 20 mm thick, with three snake heating elements made from Nichel/Chrome. Rapid and even heating ensures superior fusing results.

Magnetic Pressure System Consistent pressure up to 1 kg/sq. cm is delivered by the EMS 120’s magnetic pressure system, essential for professional-grade fusing.







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