Electronic Bartack Machine SP-430DS


Supreme Electronic Bartack Machine SP-430DS

Supreme Electronic Bartack Machine SP-430DS – a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency in sewing technology. This versatile machine offers multiple functions, including button stitch capability, and features like a new thread clamping device and an oil-free needle bar to ensure top-notch sewing quality. With a maximum speed of 3200 RPM and a 35% reduction in energy consumption, it’s the ultimate choice for high-quality, eco-friendly sewing solutions. Explore the future of sewing with SP-430DS.

  • Multiple Functions

Can replace the button clip device to realize the function of button stitch. Replacement is simple and convenient.

  • New Thread Clamping Device

Reduce thread cast-off at the sewing start. Shorter thread end after cutting efficiently reduces bird nesting at sewing start, which improves sewing quality in return.

  • New Presser Foot Lifting Mechanism

Two-stage control of presser foot stroke, which can adjust the height of presser foot by program control, accurately drop the needle and start sewing point. Touch screen, fully visualized interface and sewing pattern can be edited quickly and easily according to the icons.

  • Oil-free Needle Bar Can Prevent The Pollution Of Sewing Material High Speed

The maximum speed is 3200 rpm, which can carry out high-quality sewing according to the sewing data.

  • Low Consumption

Adopts direct computer drive mode without transmission loss and is equipped with a small power-saving motor; compared with traditional models, the consumption reduces 35%.Button Clamp Device Electronic Bartack MachineButton Clamp Device



LineSingle-needle flat seam
Maximum Speed2,700 rpm
(X×Y) Sewing area6.4×6.4mm
Dimensions of button8 – 30mm
Feeding MethodIntermittent feeding (driven by pulse motor)
Pitch0.1 – 12.7mm
Maximum stitch amount(5000 needles/1 pattern)
Driven MethodPulse motor drive
Presser foot strokeMax.17mm
HookSemi-Rotary standard shuttle hook
Thread WiperStandard facility
Cutting deviceStandard facility
Number of cycle programs30 cycles(50programs for each)

Number of stored data

49 patterns
Maximum 512 patterns more ,estimated 500000 stitches
MotorAC servomotor 550W
Machine size610×250×430
Packing size780×440×530
PowerSingle phase 220V
Air pressure0.5 Mpa 1.7 L/min



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