Embroidery Machine Slim Cylinder Arm Series CBL

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CBL Embroidery Machine Slim Cylinder Arm Series

The 18-needle single-head CBL embroidery machine is a top-of-the-line device that is equipped with advanced features to enhance its performance. It is powered by a high-quality Servo motor, ensuring the main shaft’s smooth operation. The machine also uses closed-loop driving technology, which ensures that the stitching is precise and accurate. The color change function of the machine is controlled by a stepping motor, which allows for smooth and efficient transitions between colors. Similarly, the trimming, hooking, and jumping functions are also controlled by stepping motors, which provide greater control and precision. The machine also features a patented Precise Color-change System, which ensures that the colors are changed accurately and consistently. The upper-thread holding system is another innovative feature that ensures that the thread tension remains constant, resulting in high-quality embroidery. The Smart Hooping System is another unique feature of the machine, which simplifies the hooping process and ensures that the fabric is held securely in place. The Laser Position marker and Visual camera positioning system are also available to enhance the accuracy and precision of the embroidery. The machine also supports signature/photo embroidery and has an infrared safety induction system available, ensuring the operator’s safety. Overall, the 18-needle single-head embroidery machine is a highly advanced device that offers unparalleled precision and control for high-quality embroidery projects.


  • Main shaft motor-Servo motor
  • Closed-loop driving technology
  • Stepping motor color change
  • Stepping motor trimming
  • Stepping motor hooking
  • Stepping motor jumping
  • Patented Precise Color-change System
  • Upper-thread holding system
  • Innovative Smart Hooping System
  • Laser Position marker
  • Visual camera positioning system available
  • Signature/photo embroidery available
  • Infrared safety induction system available


Embroidery Machine Other Models

cbl embroidery machine different models
Embroidery Machine different models

*1200*400 large working area available as option

In conclusion, the CBL Embroidery Machine Slim Cylinder Arm Series represents the pinnacle of embroidery technology. With its 18-needle single-head design, this machine is a testament to precision and control. The integration of a high-quality Servo motor and closed-loop driving technology ensures the smooth operation of the main shaft and precise stitching. Stepping motor control for color changes, trimming, hooking, and jumping functions further elevates the level of control, resulting in efficient and flawless transitions between colors and embroidery processes.

Moreover, the machine’s innovative features, such as the Patented Precise Color-change System, Upper-thread holding system, Smart Hooping System, Laser Position marker, and Visual camera positioning system, all contribute to unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. The inclusion of signature/photo embroidery and an infrared safety induction system prioritizes versatility and operator safety.

In summary, the CBL Embroidery Machine Slim Cylinder Arm Series is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to craftsmanship and innovation. It empowers embroidery enthusiasts and professionals alike to achieve the highest standards of quality in their projects, making it the ultimate choice for those who seek precision, consistency, and safety in their embroidery endeavors.

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  1. Nasci

    fantastic choice with its sleek design and precise stitching

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