Flat Buttonhole Sewing Machine


SP-1790DS-S/K/SL Flat Buttonhole Supreme Sewing Machine

Advantages of flat Buttonhole sewing machine 

  • The knife is driven by a motor to reduce the noise and failure
  • Improve stability and efficiency
  • Motor pressing ,stable and accurate material stitching
  • Convenient operation
  • Lower temperature and avoid wrong position.
  • Optional function: could add the auto feeding device, make sure the buttonholes more accurate


  • Solenoid driven knife
  • Slow thread cutting
  • Spring driven pressing
  • Icon display interface
  • Five-phase motor


  • Mechanical/electrical integrated design
  • Motor driven knife
  • Improved electric control parameter fast thread cut Motor driven pressing
  • Teletext interface
  • Close circuit step motor


Model SP-1790DS-S/K/SL




Operation panel Touch panel
Sewing speed 4200 rpm in common use ,3300 rpm while using no-refueling shuttle
(selected and purchased )
Size of cutter 6.4 – 31.8mm (1/4” -1/4”)
Width of bartack The maximum 5mm (parts with special specifications : The max 10 mm)
Length keyhole seam The maximum 41 mm (part with special specifications :The max 120 mm)
Needle thread tension Tension of clamping electrical line tension unit

Machine needle (equipment model while delivered)

Dpx5 11-14
Shuttle type DP full-rotating shuttle  Refueling free shuttle(optional )
Rising volume of foot presser 14 mm (17 mm Reversing side)
Automatic lifting and pressing foot device Standard equipment (pulse motor type)
Drive mode of cutter Motor drive
Number of standard pattern 31 pattern
Number of Memorable pattern 99 pattern
Coiling  device of down thread Head built-in
Drive model of machine head Small Ac servo motor(Direct drive)
Electricity / Electricity Consumption (Single phase) 220v-240/1000 VA
Refuel mode No-refueling while using no-refueling shuttle(selected and purchased)
Engine oil parts with rotating shuttle: engine oil(equal to ISO Vg7 )
Weight 60 kg


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