In the world of garment manufacturing, achieving the perfect finish for shirts, smocks, and doctor’s suits is a crucial step in ensuring the highest quality products. With the introduction of the SR-1000/V automatic form finisher, this task has become more efficient and precise than ever before. This state-of-the-art machine, equipped with a stainless steel body and a range of innovative features, has quickly gained recognition for its ability to handle both dry and wet garments.

  1. Advanced Touch Screen Technology:

At the heart of the SR-1000/V is the Galileo Color Touch Screen computer, boasting a 7-inch display. This intuitive interface allows users to navigate effortlessly through the machine’s functionalities and programs. With 30 pre-set programs available, operators can easily select the appropriate settings for different garment types, ensuring consistent and optimal results. The touch screen technology enhances user experience and simplifies the operation of the form finisher.

  1. Precise Steam and Hot Blowing Capabilities:

One of the standout features of the SR-1000/V is its ability to deliver precise steam and hot blowing. The machine is equipped with a steam and hot blowing superheater, ensuring that garments receive the necessary heat for shaping and finishing. The control over the steam and hot blowing time allows for customization based on specific fabric types and desired results. This level of precision guarantees excellent garment finishing, even for delicate or challenging materials.

  1. Vacuum and Blowing Adjustments:

To achieve a flawless finish, the SR-1000/V incorporates a vacuum system that focuses on the placket area of the garments. This feature ensures that the fabric lies flat and smooth during the finishing process, eliminating any unwanted wrinkles or creases. Additionally, the machine allows for manual adjustments of blowing quantity, offering flexibility to tailor the process according to the specific requirements of each garment. These customizable options contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the form finishing process.

  1. Electrically Heated Front Blade:

The SR-1000/V goes beyond traditional form finishers by incorporating an electrically heated front blade. This feature enables precise shaping and finishing of the garment’s front area, ensuring a crisp and professional appearance. The electric heating element offers consistent and reliable heat distribution, eliminating the risk of scorching or damaging the fabric. With this innovative inclusion, the form finisher provides exceptional results for both men’s and women’s garments.

  1. Additional Equipment: EC-2002 Iron:

As an added advantage, the SR-1000/V comes equipped with the EC-2002 iron. This iron is a complementary tool that further enhances the finishing process. Its ability to work seamlessly with the form finisher ensures that every detail, including collar points and intricate areas, receives the necessary attention. The EC-2002 iron contributes to achieving impeccable finishing standards, making the SR-1000/V a comprehensive solution for clothing manufacturers.

The SR-1000/V automatic form finisher is revolutionizing the garment industry by streamlining the process of shirt, smock, and doctor’s suit finishing. With its advanced touch screen technology, precise steam and hot blowing capabilities, customizable vacuum and blowing adjustments, and electrically heated front blade, it delivers exceptional results for both dry and wet garments. By incorporating the EC-2002 iron, it offers a comprehensive solution for achieving impeccable finishing standards. The SR-1000/V is a testament to the constant innovation in garment manufacturing equipment, paving the way for higher quality and efficiency in the industry.


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