Front Placket Matching MAICA 1060


 MAICA 1060 Front Placket Matching Machine

Unit 1060 is a unique machine that offers ultimate precision when it comes to trim the centre of striped or plaid shirts. In fact, the machine centres the front panel, the buttonholes of the button side, with the help of lasers which allow a perfect placement for perfect alignment. The cut is made with a cobalt blade cutter. The 1060 is equipped with a stacker at the back to pile up the second half that the operator has to trim in a second time. Working capacity: the machine can trim a piece that goes up to 950mm in length, 480mm in width and equalize it up to 100mm in height.

Technical features
Production 200 pcs/h
Electrical Supply 380 V – 50 Hz
Electrical Power 2 Kw
Pneumatic Supply 7 Bar
Air Consumption 16 l/pc
Packing 220x115x175h cm
Weight 480 Kg


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