GEM Prewound Bobbin


GEM Prewound Bobbin is an innovation which improves the quality and productivity of embroidery production whilst minimizing costs and waste through the use of Coreless Technology. This technology, in conjunction with premium quality embroidery bobbin thread, has enabled garment and embroidery factories around the world to increase productivity

Innovated with a unique Coreless Technology, the GEM Pre-wound Coreless Bobbin is a self-supporting structure with no core for winding thread. This enables the bobbin to be completely hairless and highly consistent with exceptionally uniform tension.

Types of GEM Pre-wound Bobbin

We offer a large selection of bobbins to satisfy different production demands and add new elements to our product range as and then they are needed. All our bobbins provide greater length and quality than other types of under thread and bobbins. Our main pre-wound bobbin is 140m length and is available in black and white. Upon request, we can produce a bespoke embroidery bobbin to meet your product specifications in full.




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