GLOBAL WF 3955 (-45) SERIES​



WF 3955 DD
– Single needle, lockstitch machine with needle feed and walking foot for smooth sewing of canvas and leather.
Machine is equipped with large horizontal axis hook.
WF 3955 AUT
– Same as WF 3955 DD, but with thread trimmer deivce, presser foot lifter and electric back tack.
WF 3955-45 AUT
– Same as WF 3955 AUT, but with 45 cm working space. This machine is standard equipped with presser foot lifter (electric).

The product specifications for the WF 3955 series:

• Machine speed: max 2000 spm
• Oiling system: fully automatic
• Feed type: Drop feed, needle feed, walking foot
• Presser foot lift: by hand 10 mm by knee 16 mm
• Stitch length: max. 9 mm
• Needle type: 135×17
• Power source: 240V single phase 50/60 Hz direct drive mini servo motor
• Led-light: standard



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