H&H AI 127 Hot Air Sealing Machine

Hot Air Sealing Machine


Hot Air Sealing Machine

Intelligent Solution

  • Applicable to 4-28mm Width Tape (Standard Version)
  • Applicable to Stretch Fabric
  • Corresponding Brim and Cap Top Design
  • Lower Mold Convertible Design
  • Applicable to All Types of Waterproof, Reinforcing, and Decorative Tape
  • Statistical Tape Usage
  • Customized Software
  • Customized Attachment According to Different Applications

Highlighting Features

  • Standard Digital Tape Tensioner Device
  • Differential Speed Top/Bottom Roller
  • Duplex Nozzle Action
  • Automatic Fixed Length Mode
  • Digital Air Pressure Display
  • Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Multi-language Support
  • Data Locking and Protecting
  • USB Digital Interface


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