Automatic cutting with ATAS.
To fit a digital print exactly into an aluminum frame, it requires a
suitable and precise cut as well as perfect KEDER processing that does
not change the intended size. The unique twin motor-driven KEDER
dancer system ensures that the KEDER is not under tension and that it
unrolls stress-free.

There are three ways of sewing in the KEDER PROCESSING FOR ALUMINUM FRAME:

• With one seam.
• With double stitching – 2 seams.
•last but not least, the Cover lock seam, which sews a zigzag seam
around the KEDER – top class.

The Cover lock systems are designed exclusively for fully automatic
KEDER processing, the one or twin-needle machines are multifunctional
– KEDER – Velcro – scaffolding – narrow or wide hems.

ATAS – Automatic cutting of the KEDER without stopping to sew. 50 % time savings and more!


How ATAS works:

  • Place the material to be sewn on the conveyor belt.
  • Insert the material into the sewing tool (e.g., silicone SEG).
  • Start the sewing process with either the regular pedal or the kick pedal on the side for free-motion sewing and you are sewing in a controlled manner and without interruption at any speed –
    from beginners to experts (speed easily adjustable via the display). Unique selling point!
  • The machine recognizes the end of the material and carries out the sewing and thread cutting automatically. Do not forget:

    ATAS cuts the KEDER without stopping during the sewing process – the corners remain free! Nobody processes faster!

  • The SEG KEDER for the next side is automatically fed, just under the needle, ready to sew again. Another unique selling propositioning, patent pending..
  • The machine contains a sharp and powerful guillotine permanently installed at the bottom – no cutter knives that have to be changed for other jobs.
  • ATAS works as standard with two dancers instead of one and two stepper motors to transport the KEDER and to present it automatically again.
    We sew faster and smooth!













Synchromatic ATAS PLUS

NEW: Automatic cutting with ATAS

  • Unrivaled speed when processing silicone flat or
    Automatic cutting while sewing without stopping –
    this is how to make a perfect KEDER.
  • Frames are sold in a specific size. So, you need a
    perfect and precise cut as well as a finish that does
    not change the required size.
    It is very important that unrolling the KEDER does not
    tension the KEDER – any tension will affect the sewing
  • It should also be noted that in the case of large volume
    rolls, pulling off the flat KEDER immediately
    leads to tension that cannot be relieved so quickly
    between pulling off and sewing. If the tape has
    tension when sewing, which only dissipates after
    sewing, neither the best sewing head nor the best
    synchronization will help.
  • Therefore, there are various unwinding mechanisms
    with and without dancers, which consider the size of
    the roll – 50m or 100m or 200m – the larger the roll,
    the heavier it is.
  • Open rolls or rolls on a core require different
    recordings. Some piping sticks – others don’t.
    We have a solution for every system: ATAS.
  • ATAS motorized dancer system to process the
    KEDER stress-free.









  • Two dancer systems to process the “KEDER” stress-free.
    First, the KEDER is drawn off into a relaxation loop,
    then the second stepper motor takes it to a sensor-controlled
    second loop, which stores a relaxed, stress-free
    KEDER for the sewing process and precise cutting.
  • ATAS
  • The ATAS version is the basis for the patent-pending
    automatic cutting-while-sewing system.
  • A TAS. Only this system guarantees exact cutting in
    the mm range, corners remain free.
  • High flexibility – the mm range, corners remain free.
  • There are different KEDER on the market – now you
    can use different KEDER while the machine is running.
  • Program the size of the free corner according to
    customer requirements or according to the elasticity
    of the KEDER.
  • Automatic backtracking at the beginning and end of
    the seam and thread trimming
  • Up to 15 m per minute sewing speed. Any silicone or
    PVC KEDER can be used.
  • Excellent value for money
  • High productivity – the needle must be cooled to prevent
    the thread from burning!















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