Intelligent Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine


Intelligent Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine

The DM 275 machine with 750W high-power servo motor control machine main running, which has the advantage of large needle penetration force, low noise, low shake, easy to install and start and stop responding quickly; Step motor bidirectional driven technique, powerful and stable, making the machine start and end back-tacking, trimmer, foot lifter up and down super soft and light; The sealed lubricate design, effectively avoid the material dirty from oil; Automatic angle control by the system this technology makes the machine easy to achieved automatic change angle from 30° to 140°, easy and beauty; Electronic knee device make the foot lifter relaxing stable and easy to adjust strength; 7-inch colorful touch display panel, simple and convenient; USB socket, can listen to music, play video, earphone socket can easy to change Speaker and headphone; Control box install on the back of the machine, convenient to carry and install;

  • Four-button LED light

“L”&“R” automatic separate needle bar turn from left & right, easy to change angle from 30° to 140° “N”&“M” for reserve stitch and seam stitch.

  • Large 7 Inch Touch panel

The machine has a large 7 Inch Touch panel, which can play video, music, clock display

  • Special Stitch Pattern

Controlled by a step motor system, the DM245 machine can design 8 stitch patterns on your idea, from D1-D8.

  • The sealed lubricated design

Effectively avoid the material dirty from oil

  • Step motor bidirectional driven technology(patent)

One step motor control trimming and pressing foot lifter work.


To sum up, DUMA 245 machine is equipped with a robust 750W servo motor, delivering powerful needle penetration, quiet operation, and swift responsiveness. The bidirectional step motor technology ensures stability, while the sealed lubricated design keeps materials free from oil. Enjoy user-friendly features such as automatic angle control, a 7-inch touch display, and an electronic knee device for added convenience. The compact design incorporates a four-button LED light, a USB socket for multimedia, and the ability to create eight stitch patterns, offering versatility in a user-friendly package.

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