LED sewing machine light KHL-967


LED sewing machine light KHL-967

Energy-saving LED sewing machine light, mounted on the machine head on the magnetic holder. The KHL-967 lighting LED is a versatile and efficient lighting solution tailored for sewing enthusiasts and professionals. Crafted to be easily attached to sewing machines, this LED light aims to transform your sewing experience by providing ample and adjustable illumination exactly where you need it.

– power: 2W
– power supply: 230V -> 12V (transformer)

Key Features
  1. High-Quality LED Lighting: Provides bright, flicker-free illumination for accurate color representation and reduced eye strain.
  2. Adjustable Brightness: Customizable brightness settings to match different sewing tasks.
  3. Flexible Design: Flexible arm or gooseneck design for precise light direction and minimal shadows.
  4. Easy Installation: Securely attaches to sewing machines with clamps or adhesive bases.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Low power consumption and long-lasting LED technology.
  6. Compact and Lightweight: Adds minimal bulk, suitable for various sewing projects.
  7. Durable Build: Constructed from durable materials for a long lifespan in sewing


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