Manual Heat Press Machine


Heat Press Machine

This Manual heat press machine adopts a flat platen to imprint pyrography paper on materials made of cotton, linen, and chemical fibers. You may put a T-shirt on the flat plate for a preset period when opening the upper heat element like a clamshell.

Manual heat presses are more economical, flexible, and practical compared with automatic ones. It serves more occasions like night markets, DIY shops, and home use besides factories.

  • Temperature Control: Our electronic digital display ensures you have complete control over the temperature, with an impressive accuracy of ±2℃. Fine-tune the heat with the easy-to-use knob to achieve flawless imprints.
  • Efficient Heating: The thermal element is made of durable aluminum casting, ensuring consistent and even heat distribution across the platen. Say goodbye to the hassle of reheating and save both time and energy.
  • Reliability Matters: With an automatic constant temperature system and adjustable pressure, you can count on reliable and consistent performance every time you use the machine.
  • Simplified Timing: Keep track of your projects effortlessly with electronic time control and clear process step indicators, ensuring precise results.


Voltage220V 50Hz220V 50Hz
Working Dimension38x38cm40x60cm
Working TemperatureRoom temperature -250°CRoom temperature -250°C
Package Size68X62X37cm68X62X37cm


In conclusion, the manual heat press machine is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a versatile, cost-effective, and reliable tool that empowers businesses and creative individuals to bring their ideas to life with precision and consistency. Its temperature control, efficient heating, and customizable pressure settings make it an indispensable asset in the world of custom textiles, merchandise production, and personalized creations. Its accessibility and ease of use open doors to a broad range of applications, making it a favored choice for businesses, DIY enthusiasts, and artisans alike.



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