Mini Mixed Embroidery Type CBL


Mini Mixed Embroidery Machine CBL

The Mini Mixed Embroidery Type CBL MFC-60901 is a versatile embroidery machine with impressive specifications. It features six chenille needles and nine flatbed needles, operating with a single head. The maximum flat speed is 1000 SPM, while the maximum chenille speed is 750 SPM. The embroidery area spans 500mm x 400mm, and the machine’s package dimensions are 140mm x 890mm x 1050mm. With a gross weight of 280 Kgs and a net weight of 220 Kgs, the MFC-60901 is a sturdy and reliable machine. It incorporates several technical features, including a servo motor for main axis movement, stepping motors for X and Y axis movements, an intelligent thread break detection system, automatic trimming, AC motor for color change, and more. It also offers a range of functions such as design editing, memory design display, multiple language options, and various embroidery options like chenille embroidery, monogram, mixed chenille and flat embroidery.


Technical Features:

•Servo motor for main axis movement
•Stepping motors for X and Y axis movements
•Intelligent thread break detection system
•Upper-thread holding system
•Automatic trimming
•AC motor for color change
•Integrated AC motor hooking system
•Stepping motor trimming for chenille embroidery
•Thread break detection
•Automatic or manual color change, automatic start
•Cyclic embroidery, design editing and design combination
•Memory design display and preview
•Setting the offset point and save design origin point
•Forward and rewind designs at high and low speeds
•Rotate, resize, edit and multiply designs
•Edit design density and compensation directly on screen
•Design tracing helps ensure your needle does not hit the hoop
•Preset hoops set hoop boundaries for perfect centering
•Return to the start point or end point
•Multiple languages available
•Chenille embroidery, monogram, mixed chenille and flat embroidery

Display Features:

  • New control system platform based on “Dahao Core” DH910 to comprehensively improve the control performance
  • The D19 is an upgraded version of the C19 embroidery machine, offering enhanced functionality and improved configurations. It maintains compatibility with the C19 in terms of functions, operation mode, and display interface. The D19 features a new control system platform based on the “Dahao Core” DH910, resulting in comprehensive control performance improvements. The button operation mode has been upgraded with three additional self-defined function buttons, making operation more convenient. It now supports up to 1000 color-changing times and has an increased memory capacity of 200 million stitches or 800 designs. The maximum stitch number for a single pattern has been extended to 2 million stitches. The D19 also introduces support for intelligent encryption mode for payment installments. The main board and control box are now connected using an HDMI interface cable for more convenient connection. The looping embroidery control algorithm has been optimized, along with high-speed looping drive technology, enabling super high-speed rotation at 1200rpm. The machine supports both flat and looping embroidery double main shaft drive function, 2H/3H axis drive function, looping stepping closed loop color-changing function, and flat & looping embroidery double color-changing function. Additionally, it supports custom-made and special needle height potentiometer DW320 for looping embroidery, as well as looping and flat embroidery combination function.


If you require more information or have any inquiries about the  embroidery machine, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is readily available to assist you and provide comprehensive details about the product. Whether you need further clarification on its features, operation mode, display interface, or any specific aspects of the upgraded configurations, we are here to help. Feel free to reach out to us and our knowledgeable staff will be glad to answer your questions, offer guidance, and ensure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to assisting you with any further information you may require regarding the  embroidery machine.


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