Multi-Purpose Fusing Machine


M.E.P.P. XTP 130/150/160/170/180 – Multi-Purpose Fusing/Transfer Machine

Product Features

This is the first fusing machine produced from Martin Group in 1960. Since 1960 Martin Group produced over 3000 M.E.P.P. XTP M.E.P.P. XTP PATENTED PRESSURE SYSTEM unique in the market, gives you the possibility to cover a huge range of various productions. Double working panel available in various dimensions, POLMONE patented pressure system
Suitable for fusing applications on jackets and sportswear, leather on bags and pockets and non-formal shirts.
The Control Unit
Respect of fusing parameters is the most important part of the process, for this reason all M.E.P.P. Machines are equipped with a 7” TOUCH SCREEN control panel.
Touch Screen Control functions:

  • Set/Actual temperature
  • On/Off button
  • Pressure indicator
  • Pressure regulator
  • Fusing time in seconds
  • Heating element diagnostic, compressed air supply
  • Error report and suggested solution

Heating System
M.E.P.P. Series has an aluminium heating plate 70 mm tick with 12-cylinder heating elements inside.
The heating Element
Nichel/Chrome filament insert in ceramic tubes
The Pressure System
 Martin Group has a patented pressure system in M.E.P.P. Series is made by a special membrane that inflate with air and can cover different thickness during pressing
This special membrane has 2 layers, one for mechanical force and one for temperature resistance.M.E.P.P.-XTP (1)




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