PFAFF 2545/2546 LONG ARM



• Long arm version 700 mm long. 1000 mm on request
• The machine achieves a very high stitch quality both for top-stitching work in the visible areas and for securing and assembly seams
• The ergonomically designed dials guarantee quick and accurate adjustments of the top feed stroke
• Quick-change stepping control of top feed, second thread tension, quick adjustment of second stitch length (electro-pneumatically controlled
• Programmable multi switch in easy reach of the operator
• Large clearance under machine arm(345.0 x 120.0 mm)
• Bobbin winder for a secure and fast start of the winding process („winding assistant“)
• Easy and fast access to all adjustments: The top arm cover and the head cover can be removed after loosening just 3 screws
• Overload safety clutch
• Thread trimmer,automatic presser foot lift, automatic backtacking device electro-pneumatically controlled
• Thread nipper electro-pneumatically controlled
• Second thread tension electro-pneumatically controlled
• Adjustable top feed stroke up to 9 mm without quick change stepping control with automatic speed setting
• Presser foot lift up to 20 mm, 1 stitch length up to 9.0 mm
• Panel with multi-function buttons and & programmable multi-switch
• Integrated LED light, dimmable
• 2 stitch lengths – available via the operating element in the “handle” area of the operator


Needle system:  134-35 
Needle size:   C 110 – 140 Nm, D 150 – 200 Nm
Max. sewing speeds:  3.800 s.p.m
Max.Top feed stroke 9,0 mm
Stitch type:  2x 301 (Lockstitch)
Clearance under the sewing foot:  max. 20,0 mm
Connection voltage single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz




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