The PFAFF 487 is a high performance special-speed sewing machine with drop feed and variable top feed. Robustness and reliability characterize the PFAFF 487 and is therefore suitable for integrated jobs, special operations as well as a machine for the sewing automation system. Subclass 19/19 Equipped with special parts set for hemming shirts and blouses. (also suitable for hems with extreme curves, hemming width: 5 mm = standard)


  • Employed in all branches of the sewing industry
  • Large hook (G) with approx. 50 % more bobbin capacity than normal machines
  • The variable top-feed allows application of fullness and/or sewing without ply-shift
  • Top-feed pressure may be adjusted separately for optimum sewing of difficult materials
  • Floating foot for sewing difficult material using extremely low pressure, quick-adjust stepping control for different thickness of material -918/38
  • Double-bearings on needle bar, take-up lever and feed regulator components
  • Central lubrication of sewing hook and needle bar. (semi dry sewing head)
  • Closed gearcase with long-time lubrication pad
  • Lifetime sealed maintenance-free bearings
  • Built-in adjustment gauges for easier and faster adjustment


  • An additional pedal or knee switch allows variation of top feed during sewing (-918/14)
  • Programmable control of fullness (-918/15)

Accessory equipment

  • Quick-adjustment of top feed with visual indicator (-918/14) With this device, it is possible to preselect any two top feed settings which can be recalled, by activating the knee switch.
  • Programmable control of fullness (-918/15) A control unit allows preselection of various amounts of fullnes, with values ranging from 0 (plain sewing without gathering) up to 9, e.g. 6 plus values = for gathering the top ply, or 3 minus values = for gathering the bottom ply; or 2 plus and 7 minus values, 5 plus and 4 minus values


Sewing of fullness and/or sewing without ply-shift on fine to medium heavy fabrics – Shirts, blouses, jackets, blazers, soft furnishings, curtains and much more …


Needle system: 134-35 Needle size: Version B: 80 – 100 Nm Max. sewing speeds: 5.000 s.p.m Max. stitch length: 4,5 mm Top feed stroke: max. 3,2 mm Stitch type: 301 (Lockstitch) Fabric clearance: max. 9,0 mm Clear workspace: 260 x 130 mm Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz


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