Redsun Power Saving Motor



Redsun Power Saving Motor

R9-750w V-belt type energy-efficient servo motor, engineered to deliver exceptional performance across a wide range of industrial sewing machines. Designed specifically for heavy-duty applications, this servo motor boasts a remarkable 60% increase in energy efficiency compared to traditional clutch motors, ensuring cost savings without compromising on power.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: With its innovative design, the R9-750w servo motor consumes 60% less energy than conventional clutch motors, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice for industrial sewing operations.
  • Adjustable Speed Control: Enjoy precise control over stitching speed with the user-friendly control panel featuring intuitive buttons, allowing for seamless adjustments to match varying sewing requirements and operator preferences.
  • Needle Synchronizer Function: Experience unparalleled precision in stitching with the needle synchronizer function, enabling accurate control over the up and down needle position for flawless results on every stitch.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide variety of industrial sewing machines, the R9-750w servo motor is suitable for heavy-duty applications, offering versatility and reliability across different sewing tasks and machine types.

Upgrade your industrial sewing machine with the R9-750w V-belt type energy-efficient servo motor and experience enhanced performance, energy savings, and precision control. Elevate your sewing capabilities to new heights with this cutting-edge servo motor solution.


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