Richpeace Automatic Embroidery Machine


Richpeace Automatic  Perforation + Sewing + Embroidery Machine

Richpeace Embroidery Machine 3G Computer Control System, a state-of-the-art solution for precise and efficient machine operation. With its user-friendly interface and large storage capacity, it offers flexible and accurate control. its perforation head features six round punching needle sizes, ranging from 0.8mm to 2.0mm, allowing for versatile pattern designs. The servo motor driving system ensures independent control for both the main shaft and frame, enhancing overall performance. With self-developed technology, customization requirements can be met effortlessly. The bridge structure and stable frame provide a spacious sewing area, enabling the realization of any pattern design. To maintain cleanliness, an automatic vacuum cleaner is equipped to remove leather crumbs. The automatic lubrication system extends equipment service life while reducing manual maintenance. Our sewing and embroidery rotary hooks, sourced from Japan, ensure reliability and quality. The lifting sewing head prevents frame collision and thread issues. For diverse leather and synthetic leather processing, we offer specialized multi-functional frames. Additionally, our optional Richpeace Intelligent SewPer frame further enhances processing capabilities. To streamline complex and special processing, our optional Richpeace Intelligent SewPar CAD system allows for free design in sewing patterns, seamlessly integrating embroidery, sewing, and perforation. Experience advanced technology and exceptional performance with Richpeace.


  1. Richpeace 3G computer control system ensures precise machine operation with a friendly interface and large storage capacity.
  2. Six sizes of round punching needles allow for various pattern designs.
  3. Servo motor driving system provides independent control for the main shaft and frame.
  4. Richpeace’s self-developed technology meets customization requirements.
  5. Bridge structure and stable frame enable big sewing area and any pattern design.
  6. Automatic vacuum cleaner removes leather crumbs.
  7. Automatic lubrication system improves equipment service life and reduces manual maintenance.
  8. Original Japanese sewing and embroidery rotary hooks ensure quality.
  9. Lifting sewing head prevents frame collision and thread issues.
  10. Specialized multi-functional frame for different leather and synthetic leather processing.
  11. Optional Richpeace Intelligent SewPer frame for enhanced processing capabilities.
  12. Optional Richpeace Intelligent SewPar CAD system enables free design in sewing patterns, integrating embroidery, sewing, and perforation.


Richpeace Embroidery Machine applicable in various fields, including:

  1. Car seat covers
  2. Automotive interiors
  3. Furniture upholstery
  4. Sport shoes
  5. Leather shoes
  6. Leather garments

With its advanced technology and versatile features, the system can be utilized in these industries to enhance productivity and create high-quality products.


Models Working Area Installation Area ( L×W× H)
RPCE-L-P+E+S-1-900×600-B-P6+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50, AO-1P220 900mm×600mm 4193mm×2100mm×1650mm
RPCE-L-P+E+S-1-1200×800-B-P6+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50, AO-1P220 1200mm×800mm 4793mm×2500mm×1650mm



Max. Sew speed 1000rpm Material Fixing Leather Clamping Frame
Max. Punch speed 800rpm Sewing Head Lift-stroke 50mm
Max. emb. speed 850rpm Embroidery Trimming Motorized
Stitch Length 0.1-12.7mm Sewing Trimming Pneumatic
Punching needle size 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm Round hole Stitch type Lock stitch
Sewing needle size 18#,21#,23# Power supply One phase 220V/50Hz


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