Straight Knife Cutting Machine 8629 and 8627


Straight Knife Cutting Machine 8629 and 8627

The Straight Knife Cutting Machine 8629 and 8627 offers a range of features for efficient and precise fabric cutting. With an intelligently designed ventilation system, they ensure motor stability and durability, backed by a five-year warranty. These machines prioritize ergonomic design, easy control, and enhanced safety with a unique power supply connection. They accommodate diverse cutting needs with three high-quality casual belts and adjustable knife and boot designs. The oil supply system maintains lubrication and cleanliness while the aluminum alloy chassis enhances accuracy. Unique thread design and manual adjustments contribute to high-speed grinding and extended machine life. While 8629 suits various fabrics, 8627 excels with tough materials like denim and canvas.


  1.  The fan blades of the ventilation system are properly designed to concentrate heat dissipation to improve the stability of the motor operation and extend the service life, save power, and provide a warranty for the motor.
  2.  The overall design is in line with ergonomics and easy control.
  3.  The unique power supply connection is not easy to cut into the wire to improve safety.
  4. Provide three high-quality casual belts (thick, medium, young) for customers to choose to meet the requirements of cutting diversity.
  5. The design of the knife and boots can be adjusted to adjust the width of the blade mouth for different fabrics, so as to achieve a better tailoring effect.
  6.  Oil, oil pot, oil supply system, ensure lubrication, refuse to be heated up, reduce vibration, clean, avoid pollution tailoring.
  7. Aluminum alloy material chassis, not easy to deform, improve cutting accuracy.
  8.  Rotate the thread at high speed during grinding knife, Eastman’s unique thread design structure, fast walking speed of the grinding knife, and it is not advisable to twisted into the wire gloves and other debris, high safety.
  9.  Main core parts of the machine: manually grind between slide and guide rails to ensure the best gap, improve the life of the machine and reduce noise;
  10. 8629 Applicable ordinary knitted and woven fabrics
  11. 8627 high power, specially cut fabrics that are difficult to cope with, such as denim, corduroy, canvas, etc.


MODEL 8629 8627
WEIGHT N.W. 15.42kg 16.87kg
G.W. 19.00kg 20.45kg
SPEED 2850rpm/min
KNIFE SIZE 6 8 10 11.5 13
CUTTING CAPACITY 4.5 6.5 8.5 10 11.5
PACKING SIZE 6″/8″/10″:770*415*340 11.5″/13″:900*420*340



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